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Reformatted Vitamin & Pill Sidebar Habit Trackers - Free Planner Printable

Free Printable Reformatted Vitamin & Pill Sidebar Habit Trackers from
Hi everyone. Welcome back for another Free Planner Sticker Printable. 

On Tuesday and Thursday I try to post a Reformatted Printable of past blog posts that I have had to remove the links for. I bet you are sick and tired of me linking the explanation, but if you are new, click HERE to read more about it.

This weeks printable is a reformat of this printable HERE and is a continuation of the Wellness Wednesday Series I have posted in the past on my blog. This post is focused on those of you who take medication or vitamins daily. There are a quite a few printables in this post, so scroll down in the post if you want to see pictures of them. 

I think the way you use these would be very personal, so I am not going to tell you how I use them, but more examples of how I designed them to be used. I thought these would be good to write the name of the prescription that you are taking in the white space and you could use the top half of the pill and check it off or color it in when you take your pills in the morning and the bottom half for when you take your pills in the evening. The whole pill could be checked off or colored in if you only took a particular pill once a day.

Since these are designed for use in the Sidebar, I don't think it matters what size Big Happy Planner you have, I still think these will function fine in the old or new format. If you have problems or it is way off, email me and let me know. I don't have the newest version of the Big Happy Planner to test these out so your input would be welcomed so I could improve future printables for you.

Click on the actual picture for the jpeg file and click the link above all of the pictures for access to all of the PDFs and Studio3 files with the cutlines included for your Silhouette Cutting Machine (this is the exact bundle I bought). You can cut these out buy hand using Scissors (these are the scissors I use when I cut by hand). Also, I get messages asking me about the paper I use to print with. I use and have every kind of inkjet paper they offer in white and clear in the Full Back (No Slit).

Here is a preview of the available printables for the Vertical Erin Condren, Recollections Creative Year Planner, Classic Happy Planner, Big Happy Planner:

Free Printable Reformatted Vitamin & Pill Sidebar Habit Trackers for the Vertical Erin Condren, Recollections Creative Year, and Classic Happy Planners from

Free Printable Reformatted Vitamin & Pill Sidebar Habit Trackers for the Big Happy Planner from
If you have wanted to know how to convert a Silhouette File to use it with your Cricut Explore, Moe Howard has the answer for you! She emailed me asking if she could use my Birthday Balloons Printable in an upcoming video showing her viewers How to Create a Blackout File in Silhouette Studio to Cut PDF Printables with Cricut Explore. And I was seriously over the moon and overjoyed and immediately said yes! I told her that I had received this question a lot and would be honored if she used one of my printables in her video. So if you have always wanted to know how to do this, this video will help you out tremendously!

Also, FYI…If you have the New Mini Happy Planner and you are on a Sampler Printable of mine that does not have the Mini HP size available for it, I had a follower contact me and say that if you print any of my pdf file printables that are for THP on a half page in Adobe, that the stickers fit just great in the Mini Happy Planner.

If you want to be updated on when I have new printables, you can subscribe to my blog by email. Even if I upload 4 times that day, it will only send you one email. (I know this because I signed up using another email address I have to see how they looked and how often I would get emailed.) To sign up, there is a section below the Donate section at the very top of the right hand side of my blog, that says Follow by Email. Just enter your email address in the box and hit submit. I promise you won't be spammed, as I haven't been spammed and I have been "Following" my own blog for a long time now. :)

PLEASE NOTE: MAMBI changed the weekly box size of their newest release of the Big Happy Planners. All of the stickers that were designed on this blog before 6/30/17 under the Label BIG HAPPY PLANNER, were made using the dimensions of the Original Stay Golden July 2016-December 2017 Big Happy Planner. After 6/30/17 the width of the Full Boxes and Headers are 2 inches and the height of the Full Boxes and Checklists are 3 inches.

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  1. I thank you for the awesome printables. Not sure if it is on purpose, but all the files beginning with this one to older, that are on your Google account give a "File Not Found" error.

  2. I am also getting the "File Not Found" error.