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My New Planner and a New Way to Store Your Old A5 Pages - Free Planner Printable

Update as of 3/1/17: I support Simple Stories/Carpe Diem as a Company and not The Reset Girl. That being said, I still love the color Orange, but I have put this planner up on the shelf. I have researched and found that Carpe Diem has Vertical Inserts that are from their own line that do not say The Reset Girl, that I am going to purchase and use in my other A5 Planners instead, because I do love the layout of the Vertical Inserts from Carpe Diem. So from this moment forward, all of my Samplers that I have made in the past that say RG VER CD will now say VER CD.

Hello there! This blog post is going to be a little different to the ones that I normally post. I have to tell you, that I hate to write posts! I sometimes wish I could just post my printables without any description at all and I have to admit, I usually copy and paste my posts and and a different description here and there. But this post is special.

I had the opportunity to go to the Simple Stories Headquarters, home of the Carpe Diem Planner, for a meet up with the Utah Planner Pretties here in Utah. If you live in Utah and want to be a part of a planning group, I highly suggest you join this group. They host meet ups every month and we live all over the state of Utah. This was the first meet up that I have ever been to and I had such a blast! We did a little make and take and we got a tour of the warehouse and everything. We even had the chance to meet the owner of Simple Stories, Amber Crowell. She and her husband started this company as a scrapbooking business and have now expanded to the planner world with the Carpe Diem Planner. While I was there, she shared something with me that just blew my mind! For those of you who plan in an A5 Planner and don't know what to do with your used pages...just wait until I tell you what she shared with me!

Warning...this post is very picture heavy! But I also snuck a couple of free printables in at the end of this post. It wouldn't be a post from My Planner Envy if it didn't include a free printable or two!

So, if you know me at all, it is no secret at all that my favorite color is orange. So when I saw the orange planner in the store at the headquarters where they sell their products, I just had to have it! 

I did also buy this set of Bookmarks HERE to go with my new planner. What can I say...I love a good page marker! I just love the color of this planner:

Now here is the part of my visit to the Headquarters that blew my mind! Amber showed me that the A5 inserts of the planner I just bought, fit perfectly in the 6 x 8 Binders that the sell! So of course, I had to have the Orange one. The Binder includes:

Description -
Includes (8) SN@P! pages, (3) Kraft dividers, and (10) pocket pages

Here is the grouping of the pictures to show you exactly what I mean:

You can see the top left picture is what the outside of the Binder looks like.

The top right picture is the inside of the binder and it shows you exactly what the rings look like in the binder.

The bottom left picture is all of the dividers and inserts included in the A5 planner that I bought.

And the bottom right picture is all of the inserts added into the Binder!
I have to tell you that all of the inserts fit perfectly in this binder! No over hang on the top or the bottom and when you close it, there are no pages hanging out of the binder either. And the best part is that these Binders are so inexpensive and they look so cute on a bookshelf or where ever you decide to store them! 

I have pages and pages of old A5 weekly pages stored in expensive planners or in a bin in my crafting closet in my front room. I have A5 Planners from Kikki K and Filofax lining a bookshelf in my front room that are housing pages of unused inserts and dividers. Not any more! I plan on going and purchasing more so that I can easily transfer all of the inserts out of my Kikki K and Filofax Planners into them. So I that if I feel the need to use my Lilac Kikki K, or my Brown Original Filofax, or my Ochre Malden Filofax, I can do so without having to shuffle around a million papers!

Now onto the printables. I wanted some Headers for the inserts that were included in this planner. The Headers measure 1.250 w X .250 h. I made a set in some Dusty Colors in the color theme of the inserts and of course, I had to make some in Glitter. You don't have to have this planner to use these Headers. I am sure that you could easily find a use for them in any planner you use. Download both of the printables in one PDF HERE and the studio3 files will be linked below each picture:
Carpe Diem Reset Girl Insert Headers from
 Download the Colored Header studio3 HERE
Carpe Diem Reset Girl Insert Glitter Headers from
 Download the Glitter Header studio3 HERE

If you use any of my printables in your planner, take a picture and tag me @myplannerenvy on Instagram or post your picture on my Facebook Page so I can see them in use. It really makes me happy to see others using my printables, plus it gives me new inspiration on how I can decorate my own planner and improve my printables to make them more universal for all planner lovers. :)

If you want to be updated on when I have new printables, you can subscribe to my blog by email. Even if I upload 4 times that day, it will only send you one email. (I know this because I signed up using another email address I have to see how they looked and how often I would get emailed.) To sign up, there is a section below the Donate section at the very top of the right hand side of my blog, that says Follow by Email. Just enter your email address in the box and hit submit. I promise you won't be spammed, as I haven't been spammed and I have been "Following" my own blog for a long time now.

PLEASE NOTE: I recently learned that MAMBI changed the weekly box size of their newest release of the Big Happy Planners. All of the stickers designed on this blog under the Label BIG HAPPY PLANNER, were made using the dimensions of the original Stay Golden July 2016-December 2017 Big Happy Planner.
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  1. I have fallen in love with all the carpe diem planner stuff too. I've been cutting down all my happy planner printables to fit the vertical inserts so it will be wonderful if you start making them to fit the carpe diem. Fyi the posh inserts co-ordinate with the reset girls so you can mix and match. I love all simple stories products, and so easy to get here in the UK.

    1. I am seriously debating on whether or not to start making Samplers for the vertical layout. I might take the measurements and start a trial period of doing them and see if I will even use them myself.

  2. I love Orange as well.. I am finally using my orange reset girl planner, but only just getting in to do this style of planner. I love all the printables that you are offering. Thank you. I hope you show some of your planner pages in the reset planner. I also use those snap albums to hold my Dylusions stamps.. perfect size.

    1. I am having a hard time getting into decorating 2 different sizes and styles of planners right now. I put my A5 away for now, but I am going to continue to make the Reset Girl Samplers so I have a ton to choose from when I decide to start using them again. Good thing the inserts are undated... :)