October 2016 Monthly Overlay and Extras - Free Planner Printable

Hello again! Welcome back for another Monthly Cover Squares Post. I hope you guys still love these as much as I do. I honestly hardly ever look at my monthly spread more than once a week and I love to just decorate the whole thing at once and get it over with. These just make it so easy!

I have made a set for the Erin Condren, Regular Happy Planner, and the Big Happy Planner. I decided to only do a PDF Overlay Version again for this month. It is just way easier for me to do it this way. Less time and less pulling out of my hair. :)

For this month, I chose to do things a little differently. Back in July, I was contacted by a follower who was wondering if I happened to make the June Monthly Overlay blank because she wanted to use it in her planner for the month of July. Well, that got me thinking, I should just make the actual Overlay blank and make an Extra sheet with the date covers, holidays, and Icons to use. Then they would match and go with the calendar printable. So this is what I came up with.

Since this is the first month trying this out, I printed and added these in my Regular and Letter Size Happy Planners to give you an idea of how I designed them to be used. The Universal Extra's Page is designed to be used universally between all three planners I design for.

For the month of October, the last two days of the month have to be combined on Sunday and Monday. I chose to do one of my planners the Erin Condren way (Horizontal Lines) and the Happy Planner way (Diagonal Lines). I just used a ruler and my .5 Black Inkjoy Gel Pen and drew the lines in myself. I have to say, I prefer the way the Erin Condren way looks.

Here is how I did the Diagonal Lines in my Regular Happy Planner:
And how I did the Horizontal Lines in my Letter Size Happy Planner:
Here is an example of how I used the Square Icon and Appointment Label in my Regular Happy Planner:
And how the same Square Icon and Appointment Label look in my Letter Size Happy Planner:
As you can see, the Universal Extra's Printable is just that, Universal. I just love the way this turned out and I hope you like the changes too!

NOTE: With the new Erin Condren Planner that was released in June, there was a difference in the height with the Header at the top of the calendar. I watched a video and she said it was a difference of 3/16ths, so that is the measurement is used. I have an old Erin Condren and I just lined the top of the header with the top of the page and laid it down and it worked out fine. If you have a new Erin Condren and use this printable in your planner, let me know how adjusting the header worked out for you. I tweaked it a little from last month with the help of a wonderful fellow planner named Kathy. I hope that this tweak will work for you. I guess I just need to bit the bullet and buy an Erin Condren, but honestly the amount of money the cost kills me. I can buy a leather Filofax for what you pay for an Erin Condren, and to be honest, I would rather have a Filofax any day of the week before an Erin Condren Planner.

Click on the actual picture for the jpeg file and click the links below the picture for the pdfs (the pdf also includes the Universal Extra Icons in the same file). I have included a studio3 file with the cutlines included for your Silhouette Cutting Machine (this is the exact bundle I bought) for the Extra's Printable. You can also cut these out buy hand using Scissors (these are the scissors I use when I cut by hand). Also, I get messages asking me about the paper I use to print with. I use onlinelabels.com and have every kind of inkjet paper they offer in white and clear in the Full Back (No Slit).

Here is a preview of the available printables for the Vertical Erin Condren, Happy Planner, and Big Happy Planner:

LS ECLP October 2016 Monthly Cover Overlay on myplannerenvy.com

RS ECLP October 2016 Monthly Cover Overlay on myplannerenvy.com

Download the ECLP Overlay and Universal Extra's pdf HERE

LS THP October 2016 Monthly Cover Overlay on myplannerenvy.com

RS THP October 2016 Monthly Cover Overlay on myplannerenvy.com

Download the THP Overlay and Universal Extra's pdf HERE

LS Big HP October 2016 Monthly Cover Overlay on myplannerenvy.com

RS Big HP October 2016 Monthly Cover Overlay on myplannerenvy.com

Download the Big HP Overlay and Universal Extra's pdf HERE

October 2016 Extra's for the Monthly Cover Overlays on myplannerenvy.com

Download the Universal Extra's studio3 HERE

And just so you can get and overview of how I decorated my whole month, here is how I decorated my Regular Happy Planner:
 Here is how I decorated my my Letter Size Happy Planner:

If you use any of my printables in your planner, take a picture and tag me @myplannerenvy on Instagram or post your picture on my Facebook Page so I can see them in use. It really makes me happy to see others using my printables, plus it gives me new inspiration on how I can decorate my own planner and improve my printables to make them more universal for all planner lovers. :)

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  1. When I started reading, I was disappointed that you weren't doing the monthly cover squares for October. I have used every one and look forward each month for the new one. After reading the whole blog and studying the PDF's, I am overjoyed!!! This will be so much fun. I can't wait to decorate October!!!
    YOU ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!! Yes, I'm screaming. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. I am glad you like the change. I really like it and I plan on doing it like this from now one. Believe it or not, it was fun to design and I was excited to make it.

  2. I put the October overlay in early this morning, and it turned out so nice! I will admit, I started cutting out the little date flags and quicly abandoned that, Just too small to do neatly with my scissors, so I wrote the date in with a nice Inkjoy and drew in some spider webs myself...I love it! Thank you so much!

    1. Yeah, I figured some would not want to cut out the flags, but writing your own numbers in would be just as easy. I am glad you liked it overall though.

  3. Oh jessica.... First of all you know I absolutely love this overlay - especially because it's "Oct-Ina" �� But the way you are growing professionally wise amazes me!!! And the things you think of!!! I love the pumpkin patch, and similar things because I always try to do a fall bucket list with my daughter (that would be an idea for stickers!!!) but we go pumpkin & apple picking, we go on at least one hayride etc. I have to admit I have fallen behind in my planning - with all my planners, etc. but this is totally going to get me motivated to start oct-Tina!!! Thank you so much!!! I know it must be taking you longer than when you originally started doing overlays but they are greatly appreciated!!! Especially this one - you know I'm a sucker for purple �� Only thing.... You didn't mark off my bday �� Xoxo

    1. I LOVE THIS LAYOUT! This is your and my sisters birthday month and her favorite color is purple too, so this layout was meant to be.

  4. These are just awesome! Perfect for October. I've never used the monthly overlays, but I'm super excited for the EXTRAS! Square Icons?! So in love. They will be much easier for me to cut with a scissors. ;) You're the BEST! Thank you so, so much!

    1. Awesome! I plan on doing them like this from now on. Let's see what I come up with for next month...

  5. This will be my first time using a monthly overlay &i am SO excited!! This is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you SO much!!

    1. That's awesome. I am glad you like it and you are very welcome. :)

  6. I love this so much! It looks great in my planner. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the November monthly spread. Thanks for doing these.

    1. I just posted the November Covers on my Facebook Page as well as a preview of what I am doing for the Extras Page. It is still a work in progress, but I love how it looks so far. The November set is scheduled to post 10/19/16, so keep an eye out for it.

  7. I cannot begin to tell you how much i love the Universal Extras! I don't overlays, full boxes or half boxes ... too cluttered for me but I do like to have function stickers that match! These are perfect! Two sets printed is enough for my monthlies, weeklies, and dailies! I hope you continue to do them ...

    1. More and more I am leaning towards only doing the Monthly Universal Extra's page in the future. I think I will try this for December and see how it goes. It is just so much fun customizing the pages with all of the deco. Thank you for your comment and I will definitely keep doing them.