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UPDATE PLEASE NOTE: I recently learned that MAMBI changed the weekly box size of their newest release of the Big Happy Planners. All of the stickers designed on this blog under the Label BIG HAPPY PLANNER, were made using the dimensions of the original Stay Golden July 2016-December 2017 Big Happy Planner. 

Hi everyone. Welcome back for another Free Planner Sticker Printable. 

On Wednesday's I try to post a universal printable that you can use for any planner you have in your stash. I know some of you switch up what planner you use on a weekly basis. I myself use the Big Letter Size Happy Planner that I leave on my coffee table. And I also use a Filofax Personal Ochre Malden as a planner/wallet that I carry in my purse. I use it as more of a To Do List and Calendar tracker, but it is also nice to have pretty stickers to decorate with. I just want to put stickers wherever I can!

This weeks printable is a a bunch of Target Themed Icons and Lists. I love Target, as do most of you I am sure. I always see Instagram post of peoples One Spot Planner Hauls. I hope you guys love them and will put them to good use.

Click on the actual picture for the jpeg file, click the links below each picture for the pdf file, and studio3 file with the cutlines included for your Silhouette Cutting Machine (this is the exact bundle I bought). You can cut these out buy hand using Scissors (these are the scissors I use when I cut by hand). Also, I get messages asking me about the paper I use to print with. I use and have every kind of inkjet paper they offer in white and clear in the full back.

I combined all of the available pdf files for each Planner into one download for you, to make your life easier. Here is a preview of the available printables for the Vertical Erin Condren, Happy Planner, and Big Happy Planner:

Download all the pdfs HERE
Free Printable A5/Half Page Target Icons on
Download the A5/Half Page Icon Sheet studio3 HERE
Free Printable Full Page Target Icons on
Download the Full Icon Sheet studio3 HERE
Free Printable ECLP Full Box Target Shopping Lists on
Download the ECLP List Full Box studio3 HERE
Free Printable THP Full Box Target Shopping Lists on
Download the THP List Full Box studio3 HERE
Free Printable Big HP Full Box Target Shopping Lists on
Download the Big HP List Full Box studio3 HERE

If you use any of my printables in your planner, take a picture and tag me @myplannerenvy on Instagram or post your picture on my Facebook Page so I can see them in use. It really makes me happy to see others using my printables, plus it gives me new inspiration on how I can decorate my own planner and improve my printables to make them more universal for all planner lovers. :)

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  1. You keep surprising me!!!! You just enabled me to go there yesterday!!

  2. Super cute and different from others I've seen - love the shopping lists

    1. Thank you so much. I hope you download them and put them to good use!

  3. Oh.My.Gosh! I love Target, these are the best! YOU are the best!

  4. Hi! Are Shopping Icons 2 still available on your site? I can't find them. They were a mix of Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Target, and Jo- Ann.

    1. I took them down because I didn't want to get in trouble for using the corporate logos. I was going to work on some different ones to put up in its place. Maybe some script icons or something.