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I made these printables this morning and wanted to get these out asap because now that my kids are out of school, and they are already telling me they are bored, and I thought going to the library might cure them of some of their boredom and maybe make readers out of them. Am I setting my hopes too high...probably.

Right now they are losing brain cells playing electronics all day! Nothing against that because I am at my computer half the day too, but I want them to use their imagination by reading books. I loved to read books as a kid and now it seems to be a dying art with kids these days. I wanted to get these out asap, so that if you go to the library often, then you have a cute way to document the event in your planner. I plan on getting a lot of use out of these printables!

Click on the actual picture to go to the pdf download or click the links below each picture for the pdf and studio3 file, with the cutlines included for your Silhouette Cutting Machine (this is the exact bundle I bought). You can cut these out buy hand using Scissors (these are the scissors I use when I cut by hand). I get messages asking me about the paper I use to print with. I use and have every kind of inkjet paper they offer in white and clear in the full back.

Here is a preview of the available printables. I also wrote a brief description of the dimensions and use for the printable, or I should say how I plan on using the printable.

This first printable is 1" Tall and I thought that I would use it to write down the time that I wanted to go to the library:
Free Printable 1" Tall Library Cards from
Download the Library Card pdf HERE
Download the Library Card studio3 HERE

I posted the first set to my Facebook Page and a follower suggested that these would be good to write down the books that her kids checked out, but I though the 1" Tall printable would be a little too small to do that, so I made a second sheet with the icons 1" Wide for more writing space. They are still small and won't take up too much space in your planner. These would also be good for those who use the Big Happy Planner:
Free Printable 1" Wide Library Cards from
Download the Large Library Card pdf HERE
Download the Large Library Card studio3 HERE

The first set of Library Books Due are 1.5" wide and will fit perfectly width wise in the Erin Condren and Happy Planners. I think they would be perfect for the Big Happy Planner as well. I have also added a plain set so that you can write on them/use them to suit your needs:
Free Printable 1.5" Wide Library Books Due from
Download the Library Books Due pdf HERE
Download the Library Books Due studio3 HERE
Free Printable Plain Books Sticker Icon on
Download the Plain Books pdf HERE
Download the Plain Books studio3 HERE

The second Library Books Due is are 1.20" wide. I just wanted a different choice of stickers to choose from. I get bored with my stickers pretty often. I have also added a plain set so that you can write on them/use them to suit your needs:

Free Printable Library Books Due 2  from
Download the Library Books Due 2 pdf HERE
Download the Library Books Due 2 studio3 HERE
Free Printable Plain Books 2 Sticker Icon on
Download the Plain Books 2 pdf HERE
Download the Plain Books 2 studio3 HERE

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  1. Replies
    1. Awesome! I am so excited to use these too!

  2. I love the little library cards!!! I have a toddler and we have at least three library activities a week during the summer we can do! These are perfect to place on my planner and write in the activity and the time. I just cute two sheets

    1. I am so happy to hear that you can use these too! Start your babies early at the library...wish I would have. :)

  3. OMG, Jessica, these are so perfect! I've downloaded all of them! :) Love 'em! Thank you!!

    1. I am glad these have had such an awesome response. I hope you get tons of use out of them.

  4. This is perfect! I go to the library all the time. I thought about making my own stickers, but I'll definitely be using these ones. Thank you so much!

  5. I used my Silhouette for the first time to make these and they are perfect. I guess I'm not the only one whose children who are on the verge of announcing "I'm bored". Thank you!!!

    1. That makes me so happy to hear, not about your kids saying they are bored, but about them cutting perfectly on your Silhouette. :) I really hope you get tons of use out of them.