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I'm back with a set of Personal Size Dividers. This time they are modeled after the Filofax and the Kikki K style dividers. They are the exact same Patterned Papers as the A5 Dividers I posted. So here are the Filofax Version and Kikki K Version if you need the A5 Size. The pictures and printing instructions below were in the original A5 Filofax Post, but rather than type the same thing twice, I just used the same pictures and instructions in this posts as well. I hope you don't mind...

Disclaimer: The papers I used for the Patterned Dividers are from Persnickety Prints. They offer them HERE for personal use only. I am offering my files for free and I am absolutely not making any money from them. Please do not try and resale my printables or claim them as your own. Click HERE to see all of Persnickety Prints cute and adorable free downloads.

Here is a preview of all of the printables included in this post:

Items needed for the tutorial for the Patterned Dividers are:

White Cardstock Paper: Any brand will do. You could even just use copy paper if you'd like.

Laminator: I own this one HERE

8 1/2 x 11 Lamination Sheets: I have these ones HERE

Or Self Adhesive Lamination Sheets if you don't own a Laminator: You can try these ones HERE

Planner Hole Punch: I own this one HERE

Sticker Paper if using the Tabs to label your Dividers: I used these ones HERE 

Here are the instructions for those of you using the pdf file and cutting them out yourself:
  1. Print out each sheet of the pdf file of your choice below. (You don't have to print the back side if you don't want to)
  2. Decide how you want your dividers to look. Do you want to cut the dividers out first and then laminate them? Or, my personal preference, is to laminate the whole sheet and then cut out the dividers. (I don't like excess laminating sheet sticking out from my planner.)
  3. Laminate as your heart desires and then punch them with your hole punch. If you cut them out after you laminate them, I suggest running them through the laminator again to make sure the corners seal nicely.
  4. If you want to print out the Tabs that I made specifically to fit these dividers, print them out on sticker paper and label away...
Follow these instructions if you are printing and cutting using the Silhouette Cameo or Portrait:

Instructions on how to print perfectly every time when you have to move cutting files on the Silhouette Cameo Software

#1: Click on the Align icon

#2: Highlight the Divider you want to Print

#3: Click the Center To Page Button

#4: Then Print your page

#5: Repeat steps 1-4 for all remaining Page Dividers. Repeat steps 1-4 for the back side of the dividers if you choose.

Now, as with the pdf instructions, you need to decide how you want your dividers to look. Do you want to cut the dividers out first and then laminate them? Or laminate the whole sheet and then cut out the dividers?

If you want to cut the dividers out first and then laminate, repeat numbers 1-3 above, but instead of printing, cut them with the Silhouette using the appropriate material type for the weight of paper you printed on. (Make sure you check to see that you use the correct divider that corresponds to the paper you want to cut out. I almost cut out the wrong file myself and that would not have been very cool. :)

If you choose to laminate and then cut your dividers, continue on with the instructions below.

Printing Instructions for this tutorial on the Silhouette Cameo Software 
Align the first laminated divider page on your cutting mat, as you would normally do to cut a page if it wasn't laminated.

Choose the coordinating divider in your silhouette software (The same as the one you aligned on the mat) and center it to the page like you did when you were first printing the dividers. Then:

#1: Choose the Coverstock Heavy - 105 to 122 lb selection from the material type menu.

#2: Make sure your blade depth is set to 10 and you have it on the Silhouette Ratchet Blade.

#3: Set the Speed to 1 and the Thickness to 33 and make sure it is set to Double Cut. (These are the settings that come up when you select Coverstock, it's just always nice to double check.)

Note: Sometimes the reflection of the laminating pages would mess up the registration on my Silhouette, but I would just click to Automatically Retry and it would read just fine.

Now just repeat these same steps and cut the rest of you laminated sheets.

Then punch them with your hole punch and if you want to print out the Tabs that I made specifically to fit these dividers, print them out on sticker paper and label away...

I went through many different printing settings on the Silhouette Software and found this one worked the best for me when printing using cardstock/laminated pages. When cutting on the Coverstock setting using the Double Cut feature, it did not cut into my mat at all. (By this I mean scarring the sticky film on the mat that your sheets of paper sticks to.) But if another Material Type selection works for you, go ahead and use that instead.

Here is a picture of what the Kikki K Dividers and the tabs look like in my Color Crush Personal Size Planner:

With the tutorial for the printing and cutting instructions out of the way, here is a preview of all of the files linked at the bottom of this blog post. I also included the blank studio3 version for those of you who want to use your own patterned papers.

I know there are a lot of downloads listed, but I would rather you be able to choose the ones you want then be stuck with a huge file. I know when I download huge files, I often times forget what is in the file. Then I am looking for a particular page in my HUGE iBooks library and I am scrolling though trying to find it and when I stumble upon the page that I need, I'm like "Oh, that's where that is!" Long story short, I prefer them like this and this is how they are on my computer, so this is what you get too. :)

Download Front Side Filofax pdf HERE

Download Back Side Filofax pdf HERE

Download Patterned Filofax studio3 HERE

Download Blank Template Filofax studio3 HERE

Download Front Side Kikki K pdf HERE

Download Back Side Kikki K pdf HERE

Download Patterned Kikki K studio3 HERE

Download Blank Template Kikki K studio3 HERE

Download Label pdf HERE

Download Label studio3 HERE

NOTE: Some of these files are too big for Google Drive to preview, but I swear I didn't upload any viruses to the files and they are safe to download. If you feel uncomfortable downloading the files from Google Drive, email me at and I will personally send the files to you directly. 

And as always, thanks for your support and for stopping by!

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