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This is a printable I himed and hawed about posting. I found this picture on Pinterest HERE and I searched and searched for the pdf to download for my planner. I am always wanting to improve myself as a spouse and especially as a mother. I couldn't find it anywhere, so I decided to make one myself.

imom.com has absolutely no idea who I am nor did they compensate me in anyway to make this printable. (I just thought it was adorable and wanted one for myself and thought some of you might want to improve your relationships too.) I am not claiming this as my idea or taking credit for the 30 Day Challenges. I love the imom.com website and find their printables helpful in my own life. I highly recommend checking them out and having a look at their parenting ideas. Links to the original pdf Challenges from their websites are linked in the Printable Previews in this post.

I made each of the printables in Pocket, Personal, A5, and Erin Condren/The Happy Planner sized papers. You just need to click on the pdf file of the ones that you want and download it and print out the size that you want. The papers used in the backgrounds of the printables are freebies from persnicketyprints.com. (Their papers and elements are darling...check them out.)

I suggest printing the files that you want out on white cardstock and laminating the whole sheet (rather then cutting the picture and then laminating it. That way you don't have extra laminating sheet where you don't want it.) Then cut the image out and run it through the laminator again. That way the edges don't peel up. Punch it with your planner punch and you are good to go. If you have the Erin Condren Planner, DIY a coil clip HERE or buy some HERE. I am sure you can find more DIY coil clip ideas on Pinterest and Etsy is full of different sellers who sell pre-made coil clips.

This Mom Challenge printable is for all of us who want to improve our relationships with our kids:

Click HERE for additional information and original pdf download for the Mom Challenge.

This Wife Challenge printable is for all of the wives who want to improve our relationships with our Husbands:
Click HERE for additional information and original pdf download for the Wife Challenge.

This Spouse/Partner Challenge printable is the exact same wording as the Wife Challenge, just the word wife was changed to spouse. I know not everyone is married and some of you may want to improve your relationships with your Boyfriends/Girlfriends/Partners too:
Click HERE for additional information and original pdf download for the 30 Day Marriage Challenge.
This Husband Challenge printable is from www.allprodad.com. It is for the Husbands who want to improve their relationships with their wives. It is worded a little differently than the Wife one, but just as good. (Maybe we should all print this one off and give it to our husbands as a hint. Wink Wink.) www.allprodad.com is a great resource for dads who want resources too. I never knew this site existed and it's nice that there is a resource out there for the guys too:
Click HERE for additional information and original pdf download for the Husband Challenge.
Download the Mom Challenge HERE

Download the Wife Challenge HERE

Download the Spouse Challenge HERE

Download the Husband Challenge HERE

I hope you find these printables useful and as always, thanks for your support and for stopping by!

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  1. I know I have thanked you before for your printables, but I appreciate them so much. You take the time to do them in every size anyone could need and you do such a wonderful job. Your generosity is amazing!! I'm working on little surprise today just to show you some appreciation.. And I linked your blog on at least 20 Facebook groups, and on my personal page, and Twitter!! Your the best!!

  2. Thank you so much! I did make a Facebook page called My Planner Envy that I am going to post pics of all of the printables I have made and make there too. I just made it the other day. :) I need to find these Facebook
    Groups and join them too. What do you search for to find them?