Reminder Dot Stickers

I have seen these types of stickers on the internet and thought I would get some good use out of them, and I have. Avery has some the exact same size as these in primary colors HERE and neon colors HERE (I have seen these at Walmart and Target for way cheaper too by the way. I just wanted to link something easy for you to see what I was talking about). They are 1/4" or .250 in diameter.

The circles in the pictures and on the pdf look bigger because I added another ring of color around the .250 circle, just in case your Silhouette doesn't cut right on the circle, like mine sometimes tends to do (Why is that? So annoying!). So for those of you looking who don't have a Silhouette and still want to use these in pdf form, my suggestion for you is to use a hole punch. I use this hole punch I got from Walmart for $1.25 and it works perfectly.

Uses for these dots could be:
  • Tracking period or ovulation dates for those of you trying or not trying to get pregnant.
  • Use two of the same color dots your monthly calendar. Place one on the date of an event on your calendar and the other in the notes section of your calendar with a description of the event and anything you need to remember. That way you don't fill up the entire date with writing and you can easily look at your calendar and see which notes coordinate with which date (This is primarily what I use these dots for). I will include a picture of my May calendar so you can see what I am talking about.
  • Use a specific color of dot for each child you have to coordinate soccer, dance, and other social events.
  • Use a dot to mark a habit you are tracking on your monthly or weekly calendar after you do it. Like taking your vitamins, working out, drinking your water, etc. 
  • Use a dot to mark your tasks off on your To Do Lists when you finish them.
  • I also use them in my bullet journal to make notes to myself of events or situations or thoughts that happened during the day.    

    The possibilities are endless and I am sure there are many more uses you could use these for that I have not thought of. Here is what they look like:

    Download all 3 pdf files HERE

    Download the EC Colors Reminder Dots studio3 HERE

    Download the Reminder Dots studio3 HERE

    Download the Reminder Dots Highlight Shapes studio3 HERE

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    1. You will get there and be able to make your own stickers. It took me a while and a ton of Youtube videos to figure it out too. It took me FOREVER to get the cut setting right. Mine kept cutting through the paper! That was the most frustrating part for me for sure!