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Tips for Cutting Stickers with the Silhouette Software

I don't know about any of you that own a Silhouette, but I went through some real struggles trying to learn what settings to use to cut my stickers. I can't tell you how many sticker sheets I went through before I figured it out!

When you click on White Sticker Paper in the cutting settings on the Silhouette program, it inputs all of the numbers for you and everything should be fine right? WRONG! For me, it cut too deep and cut into my mat and right through my sticker paper and I used a razor blade to get off all of the tiny sticker remnants still attached to my mat. (I'm not sure about how it cuts the actual Silhouette brand sticker paper because I don't own any. I put links to the paper I use at the bottom of this post.)

So after many attempts to tweak the settings and figure it out myself, I searched online and found a video on YouTube that was very informative and it helped me out tremendously, with using the software even. If you want to watch the video, click HERE. If you just want a quick step by step look at what she suggested for the settings to use and how I now cut my stickers, continue reading below...

#1 - Select White Sticker Paper: It doesn't matter if it's the Silhouette Brand or not.
#2 - Ratchet Blade: Move this setting down to 1. Any higher and it will not "kiss cut".
#3 - Speed: Move this setting down to 3. It will cut very slow, but trust me, you want it to.
#4 - Thickness: Move this setting down to 4. Any higher and it will cut through the paper.

#1 - Select Clear Sticker Paper: It doesn't matter if it's the Silhouette Brand or not.
#2 - Ratchet Blade: Move this setting down to 1. Any higher and it will not "kiss cut".
#3 - Speed: Move this setting down to 3. It will cut very slow, but trust me, you want it to.
#4 - Thickness: Move this setting down to 4. Any higher and it will cut through the paper.
#5 - Double Cut: Do not forget to uncheck this! You will regret it, I promise!

The sticker sheets I use are from I also have also ordered from I would price compare both of these sites and look for online promo codes to get the best deal.

The white sheets are in Standard Matte White and the clear sheets are in Clear Matte. I also have an inkjet computer. I suggest you don't get sheets with any slits on the back because when you peel them off your Silhouette mat, your sticker backing will stay attached to the mat and your stickers will peel off in pieces. (Trust me, it's a mess). If you do happen to have stickers sheets with slits on the back and want to use them, I suggest you use packing tape or gift wrapping tape and tape across the slits on your backing so when you peel it off the mat, the sticker sheet will come off in one piece.

Also Silhouette makes a Light Hold Cutting Mat that would be good to use for printing stickers as well. I use the Regular Cutting Mat that came in my bundle and I like it more now because some of the "stick" is gone.

I hope this post was informative and helps you out with your sticker printing dilemmas. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Love your site! Tina Louise Wallace sent me ;)

    1. I love Tina! She is my biggest supporter. I am glad she sent you. :)

  2. Your instructions for "Settings" on the Silhouette Cameo were wonderful! I also clicked on the YouTube video you recommended, then saved for later! I'm so excited to find your blog!

    1. Thank you so much. I am glad you found me. :)

  3. Thanks for the post. I'm a little behind time, but I'm getting a silhouette curio for Christmas. I just started with my Happy Planner.

    1. Best Christmas present ever! I was debating on getting a Cameo 3 or Curio for Christmas myself...

  4. Jessica,
    I just got the Silhouette Portrait. I Just love your stickers! In the past i've been downloading them as a PDF and cutting them with my slice. Today was my first ever attempt with my portrait. I successfully cut your weekly sidebar trackers. I have a question, when you peel the sticker paper from the cutting mat does it always curl the sticker paper? How do i prevent it from doing so?

    1. I learned this trick from Wanda from What I do is after the stickers are done cutting, I lay the mat on my desk with the paper side facing down. I peel about an inch of my paper up from the mat and I hold the paper against the desk and slowly peel the mat from the paper while moving my hand down the paper as I am peeling so the paper doesn't get torn. Also, you can use a t-shirt and dab it on your mat a couple of times to remove some of the stickiness. I hope this helps.