Planner Envy - My Obsession

I have struggled with the thoughts of starting a blog. Here are the facts: I don't know what I am doing when it comes to blogging (we all have to start somewhere right?), I'm not really well versed (I have read and re-read this post 50 times now, I swear!), and I don't like being judged (Something you have to worry about when putting yourself out on the internet). Wrestling with all of these emotions, I just said screw it...I'm doing it.

So with that out of the way, here is my planner history:

10 years or so ago, I had a compact Franklin Covey Planner that I loved. The pages were cute and functional, but I used it more as a wallet. That got a little bulky as a wallet for me and I switched to a regular wallet. Now fast forward to February 2014.

I really got into planners again after seeing a YouTube video on the Erin Condren Life Planner. I thought it was so cute and I loved the colors and the set up, but I didn't like the fact that it was coil bound. I wanted to be able to change and move things around to fit my life. Then I started looking on Pinterest for cute printables for a planner system like the Erin Condren system. I stumbled upon a printable planner set up from Jen at iheartorganizing. I saw in a post on her website that she used the M by Staples ARC system and ran right out and bought the system desktop punch. I started out with the 8 1/2 x 11 planner and soon realized that that planner was super heavy to carry around and I wanted to take mine with me everywhere as a daily planner. So I moved down to a 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 Junior (A5) planner. I loved this size...not too big, not too small. But then the discs were getting in the way. The more stuff I crammed in my planner, the bigger the discs had to be. So I started looking around for a different set up. 

Then I found Filofax. I didn't want to invest in a leather bound planner if this was just a passing phase like my ARC system, so I got a Black A5 Domino on (The Domino has the biggest rings in a Filofax that I could find). I loved this new planner. The rings weren't in the way was much as the ARC, so I wanted to invest in a leather planner. So I started looking for a leather A5 planner and stumbled upon Kikki K. I could buy a leather A5 planner for a fraction of the cost of a Filofax so bought the Large (A5) Lilac planner and now use this as my blog planner. 

The whole time I was looking for a leather planner, I was looking for one in orange. The only one I found was a Filofax Original in Flouro Orange and I wasn't going to pay the price tag they wanted for it. Then I discovered the Color Crush Planner from Websters Pages in Caramel. The only problem was that it is Personal Size and all of my printables are for my A5 planner. So I ordered the planner kit from Cocoa Daisy because it was out of stock on Websters Pages website. The kit came with 5 dividers, a 2015 calendar, and a week on 2 pages set up that I have become accustomed to in my previous planners. I use this as my daily planner now.

So I have been on a quest for "Planner Nirvana" this past year. I am obsessed with Pinterest and finding printables and inserts for my planners. I have really been into stickers and decorating more than anything. In my searching Pinterest, I stumbled across mswenduhh's blog. I went to her blog and saw all of the cute stickers and pages she creates and I thought, I want to do what she does. She makes printables for herself and uploads them for others to use. 

So that about sums it up. More to come in the future...


  1. I just want to say, I'm so glad you started your blog after all!!!

  2. I need to add to this post for sure. My planner journey is never ending and I am happy I started this blog as well. It has given me an outlet for my creativity and I love that others find my printables useful in their own planners as well.